Cheap Proofreading Tips – Don’t talk to the reader

Don’t talk to the reader

This is a fatal mistake, especially when using first person narrative. The reader has paid to buy your book, and they are interested in the plot and following the action, so if you talk to the reader then they suddenly come back to reality and away from the plot action. The reader should not be thinking about you – the writer – when reading the story; ‘suspended disbelief’ as Sharon Stone put it.

I walked along the cove, wondering what I would do next. It was a pleasant day, and no one had yet tried to shoot at me. But then I stubbed a toe. Don’t you just hate that. Anyway, I carried on along the cove…(by the way, me and my wife love to vacation here, that’s why I use this location in my books) … and soon the bad guy in a dark jumper was upon me.

This is talking to the reader, and it should never be seen in any fiction novel, but you could see it in a travel guide.

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