Cheap Proofreading Tips – People wearing glasses

Writing tips: people wearing glasses

I once edited a book where the main character ran and dived into a pool, swam around, saved a life, and then scrambled up the poolside to give CPR – saving the day. The problem was, this character needed glasses. So where were the glasses when he dived in, because without them he would not have seen the person in the pool drowning?

Did his glasses come off when he dived in? Did he clean the water off them when he got out the pool and gave CPR?

If you wear glasses then you will know what it is like to always be cleaning them, always pushing them further up your nose. Your character in the story needs these same habits. Don’t have your character with glasses taking on a room full of men and winning – his glasses still in place. And don’t forget, people don’t sleep in their glasses, they take them off.

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