Terms of Business

Cheap Proof Reading – Terms of Service

We offer to quote an agreed price for the ‘basic’ proof read edit of a book supplied. That edit is subject to a once-through read with corrections to the English, as well as plot comments. Corrects are made in red and things that need looking at by you are coloured green.

We do not guarantee that 100% of the faults will be found since we are only human, and you are paying a small amount of money for a once-through proof read.

We will not make major changes to a writer’s style, even if the grammar is wrong. Many new writers use a great deal of slang, and they have styles that are a long way from Shakespeare. Your style is kept, even if some may argue with the grammar.

We advise that you should not get your hopes up, and that after a proof read the book will be much better, but still – no one may want to buy it. We can correct the punctuation, but we cannot make a bad story into a good one.

Do not ask us to sign a non-disclosure agreement or similar, we won’t, and we don’t need the business. No one will steal your book or your ideas.